Sunday, January 27

welcome home

welcome home dear friend, welcome home.
After a little over a year and half, michelle and family are finally moving back to the central coast. i got to spend their first day back with them. the twins are so fun. during a little break in the rain, we took them outside for some mommy talk time. a little excitement please??!

i hope the move goes well and look forward to our families having many more memories together.

BATH TIME for kellen. Michelle brought us this little mesh chair for the tub, and kellen loved kicking back in it.

we love the California baby line of shampoo and body wash. all natural ingredients with essential oils and the fresh smell of lavender (so soothing when trying to get him to sleep).
have you ever looked at the ingredients of most baby shampoo's and body wash? not to freak you out, but ...well, i guess yes, to freak you out. products known to cause cancer and female like characteristics in males. why is this in products touching babies skin?

my fresh clean baby. such a curious little boy. touching my face with wonder. so gentle.

happy monday

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