Tuesday, January 15

a day at the lake

i have to share what i love about my dog murphy. although sweet and loyal, characteristics of most golden retrievers, he loves to walk me. this afternoon, i glanced outside and saw him through our french doors sitting on the porch. i noticed the clear blue skies and quietly thought to myself, i should walk to the lake. i think he was reading my mind. he sprinted into the house and sat next to my running shoes, waiting so patiently for me to put them on. After putting kellen in the stroller, i looked up to see murphy, who will not go on a walk without a ball, any ball, in his mouth. Off we go....we trained him off the leash. I find this bothers a lot of people. but i suggest this is the one time of day he gets to explore and be a DOG. he doesn't bother anyone. he could care less about the other dogs, he just wants to carry his ball and maybe pee on a couple bushes.

he loves the water!kellen enjoyed the outdoors as always.
and the last stretch of the lake i am faced with the guilt of at least doing a few push ups and if i'm feeling extra good, a few MODIFIED pull ups.
this is one happy doggy.

another beautiful sunny day here on the central coast.


Annie said...

Hey Molly! Nice Blog :-) It looks good. A day at the lake sounds nice....To me the weather here has been fairly cold, but who knows how accurate that is since I'm usually only outside in the early morning and then in the evening! :-(

Jackie said...

Hi Molly!
Reading your blog (which looks great by the way) makes us really miss you guys. Kellen looks so grown and I know the boys miss Murphy! The family pic is adorable.

Say HI to Kelly and we hope to come in to see you soon!

Sarah said...

Hey Molly! I'm so glad you have joined the blogosphere! I look forward to reading more!

Rita said...

Hi Molls! I don't know much about this blog stuff, but I do know I cried tears of joy all the way through yours...my emotions may not be able to handle this:-) Beautiful Murphy, Kellen, you, and Rexy too...I am so lucky!
Rita/Mom/Grandma Riri

Juz said...

mols - i love the blog. man, taking murph to the lake is always such a treat. i will always remember that time prisco and i took him over there and he stole some other dog's stick. when we scolded him and told him to run the 100 yards back to return it, he looked JUST like a little kid - pouting but obeying.

i liked your thoughts about the barbara kingsolver book. i have read a number of her books already and did enjoy them a lot! you heard of the Poisonwood Bible? well, christy sent it my way a while back and i loved it! lemme know if you wanna borrow it and give ole barbara another shot :)

marmie said...

I wish I had been there. Sounds like a perfect day.

Maggie said...

Molly, Barbara Kingsolver is amazing. "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" is just one step in the path to loving her. Take your time. Try "Prodigal Summer" next. It's alternatively minded, deals with pesticides vs organic farming, and is pretty darn sexy; you'd love it. Go on, you can check it out from the library. (Or you could buy a copy--used, if you want to--if you're feeling adventurous.)