Sunday, January 20

another year closer to 30

happy 28th birthday to kellen's favorite first cousin once removed (on the dickerson side of the family). It is a mouthful, but we figured out on christmas that justin is in fact kellen's first cousin once removed. what a fun party. food was delicious and the company was entertaining (sport coats and v-neck sweaters the apparel of choice).

aunt christy gets to hang with the 'little dude'

one big happy family. we of course missed the bay area folk (scottie, julie, ritavac, big lar and annie)
great aunt viv can always make kellen laugh.
kellen was fascinated with her wine glass....i think he was actually licking it here.

fun was had by all. we'll meet you at tupelo junction for our next venture justin. happy birthday 2008!

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Christy Stevens said...

Hey! Great pics! Hugs to the little dude!