Friday, January 18

a visit from the g-parents (and an update on JT SNOW)

kellen loves visiting with grandma and grandpa hoover (affectionately known as marmie and poppie). their visit reminds me of how fast he changes. last time, he could not sit on his own, now he can. he was still wearing 3-6month clothing at christmas, now he barely fits into 6-12month. so glad they are here, sharing in his days.

this morning, while we were changing his 'diapee', his eyes finally found the incredible mobile made by the most talented artist/massage therapist/ rolfer in san luis obispo (maybe beyond), maggie ragatz. thank you maggie for giving him somthing interesting to fixate on.

and finally, i got an e-mail from my sister-in-law, Julie, a while back and i find myself looking at it everyday since. why you ask. well, those who know me well realize that i fall into the stereotype of watching baseball because of the good looking athletes. i have not watched a single baseball game since JT Snow left the Giants (boo hoo). Rex continues to tell me how useless he was, but he performed in crunch time and he hit home runs when i watched (trying to impress me of course). back to the email..... Julie included a few pictures of a JT SNOW spotted in tahoe by her friend. jealous, but so glad to see he still looks good and is enjoying life beyond baseball.

i really don't watch sports because of the good looking athletes, but it did keep me interested in the giants. thanks julie for sharing.


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