Thursday, January 17

sinus relief * warning * this may contain graphic pictures of nasal lavages

i would first like to thank my husband for modeling in these less than appealing pictures. in actuality i caught him in the act. netti pots have been a saving grace for many sinus and allergy sufferers. we see countless patients complain of sinus infections or miserable allergies and can't recommend these tiny little ceramic pots enough. easy, effective way to clean up your passageway. give it a try if you are one of these people.

STEP 1: add warm water

choose a temp that does not burn you (trying to avoid any lawsuits here)

STEP 2: add sea salt. you may have to experiment with the amount for your own comfort. we use 1/2 teaspoon approx., but everyone's tolerance is different. again, make sure it doesn't burn. stir to dissolve

STEP 3: insert the arm of the pot into nostril, seal it in there and be sure to keep your mouth slightly open. Tilt head so the salt water starts to enter the nose and drain out the opposite nostril. if you feel water going into your throat lean the head more forward so it all drains out the nostril.

can buy at most health food stores, or, if local, at your very own California Wellness Center.

also, if you are local, please make sure to stop by my very good friend, Mignon Jones, new children's clothing store. Sure to excite you, hard to resist buying something at this place.
it will open this saturday and is located on garden street btw/ higuera and marsh (next to the french fry place, bel friets.

working on some frames for the hallway. here is a start to my collection.

i fell in love with these frames from obrien and schridde. and have been filling them with pictures taken by the most talented photographs of briana marie and cameron ingalls.

happy friday

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