Sunday, January 27

welcome home

welcome home dear friend, welcome home.
After a little over a year and half, michelle and family are finally moving back to the central coast. i got to spend their first day back with them. the twins are so fun. during a little break in the rain, we took them outside for some mommy talk time. a little excitement please??!

i hope the move goes well and look forward to our families having many more memories together.

BATH TIME for kellen. Michelle brought us this little mesh chair for the tub, and kellen loved kicking back in it.

we love the California baby line of shampoo and body wash. all natural ingredients with essential oils and the fresh smell of lavender (so soothing when trying to get him to sleep).
have you ever looked at the ingredients of most baby shampoo's and body wash? not to freak you out, but ...well, i guess yes, to freak you out. products known to cause cancer and female like characteristics in males. why is this in products touching babies skin?

my fresh clean baby. such a curious little boy. touching my face with wonder. so gentle.

happy monday

Sunday, January 20

another year closer to 30

happy 28th birthday to kellen's favorite first cousin once removed (on the dickerson side of the family). It is a mouthful, but we figured out on christmas that justin is in fact kellen's first cousin once removed. what a fun party. food was delicious and the company was entertaining (sport coats and v-neck sweaters the apparel of choice).

aunt christy gets to hang with the 'little dude'

one big happy family. we of course missed the bay area folk (scottie, julie, ritavac, big lar and annie)
great aunt viv can always make kellen laugh.
kellen was fascinated with her wine glass....i think he was actually licking it here.

fun was had by all. we'll meet you at tupelo junction for our next venture justin. happy birthday 2008!

Friday, January 18

a visit from the g-parents (and an update on JT SNOW)

kellen loves visiting with grandma and grandpa hoover (affectionately known as marmie and poppie). their visit reminds me of how fast he changes. last time, he could not sit on his own, now he can. he was still wearing 3-6month clothing at christmas, now he barely fits into 6-12month. so glad they are here, sharing in his days.

this morning, while we were changing his 'diapee', his eyes finally found the incredible mobile made by the most talented artist/massage therapist/ rolfer in san luis obispo (maybe beyond), maggie ragatz. thank you maggie for giving him somthing interesting to fixate on.

and finally, i got an e-mail from my sister-in-law, Julie, a while back and i find myself looking at it everyday since. why you ask. well, those who know me well realize that i fall into the stereotype of watching baseball because of the good looking athletes. i have not watched a single baseball game since JT Snow left the Giants (boo hoo). Rex continues to tell me how useless he was, but he performed in crunch time and he hit home runs when i watched (trying to impress me of course). back to the email..... Julie included a few pictures of a JT SNOW spotted in tahoe by her friend. jealous, but so glad to see he still looks good and is enjoying life beyond baseball.

i really don't watch sports because of the good looking athletes, but it did keep me interested in the giants. thanks julie for sharing.


Thursday, January 17

sinus relief * warning * this may contain graphic pictures of nasal lavages

i would first like to thank my husband for modeling in these less than appealing pictures. in actuality i caught him in the act. netti pots have been a saving grace for many sinus and allergy sufferers. we see countless patients complain of sinus infections or miserable allergies and can't recommend these tiny little ceramic pots enough. easy, effective way to clean up your passageway. give it a try if you are one of these people.

STEP 1: add warm water

choose a temp that does not burn you (trying to avoid any lawsuits here)

STEP 2: add sea salt. you may have to experiment with the amount for your own comfort. we use 1/2 teaspoon approx., but everyone's tolerance is different. again, make sure it doesn't burn. stir to dissolve

STEP 3: insert the arm of the pot into nostril, seal it in there and be sure to keep your mouth slightly open. Tilt head so the salt water starts to enter the nose and drain out the opposite nostril. if you feel water going into your throat lean the head more forward so it all drains out the nostril.

can buy at most health food stores, or, if local, at your very own California Wellness Center.

also, if you are local, please make sure to stop by my very good friend, Mignon Jones, new children's clothing store. Sure to excite you, hard to resist buying something at this place.
it will open this saturday and is located on garden street btw/ higuera and marsh (next to the french fry place, bel friets.

working on some frames for the hallway. here is a start to my collection.

i fell in love with these frames from obrien and schridde. and have been filling them with pictures taken by the most talented photographs of briana marie and cameron ingalls.

happy friday

Wednesday, January 16

animal, vegetable, miracle

the book i am reading now (in the spare time, of course). it was given to rex and i by our partner and good friend, sandy sachs. written by Barbara Kingsolver, i wasn't thrilled to start it. i have tried to read some of her past books which have ended in failure. this astonishes many of my friends and co-workers who all LOVE her reads. BUT, i'm proud to write, this one has captured my attention and i find it full of fascinating information and stories. it is a journal of her families vow to only buy and eat food raised in their own neighborhood or grown themselves. based on the old truth; WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. my sister-in-law, christy, has informed me that locavore is the word of the year - which means that eating local is hitting the mainstream. It can be done with great success and i encourage you to read kingsolvers book about the fascinating journey of moving away from industrial food to the backyard (or the local farmers backyards).

a fascinating tidbit from the book: (i only relay this as my plight to prevent childhood obesity.)

"U.S. farmers now produce 3,900 calories per U.S. citizen per day. That is twice what we need and 700 calories more a day than was grown in 1980. Commodity farmers can only survive by producing maximum yields, so they do. And here is the shocking plot twist: as the farmers produced those extra calories, the food industry figured out how to get them into the bodies of people who didn't really want to eat 700 more calories a day. ..... most of these calories enter our mouths in forms hardly recognizable as corn and soybeans, or even vegetables in origin: high fructose corn syrup (hello soda), lecithin, citric acid, maltodextrin, sorbitol, xantham gum, and 'added fats'.

and here is the really frightening part: "children have been especially targeted. food companies spend over $10 billion/ yr on selling food brands to kids, and it isn't broccoli they are pushing. overweight children are a demographic in many ways similar to minors addicted to cigarettes, with one notable exception: their parents are usually their suppliers. we all subsidize the cheap calories with our tax dollars, the strategists make fortunes and the overweight consumers get blamed for the violation. the perfect crime."

thank you barbara. well said. read labels, know what you are feeding yourself, add one earthly element to your diet every day and don't be a supplier to your children.


Tuesday, January 15

a day at the lake

i have to share what i love about my dog murphy. although sweet and loyal, characteristics of most golden retrievers, he loves to walk me. this afternoon, i glanced outside and saw him through our french doors sitting on the porch. i noticed the clear blue skies and quietly thought to myself, i should walk to the lake. i think he was reading my mind. he sprinted into the house and sat next to my running shoes, waiting so patiently for me to put them on. After putting kellen in the stroller, i looked up to see murphy, who will not go on a walk without a ball, any ball, in his mouth. Off we go....we trained him off the leash. I find this bothers a lot of people. but i suggest this is the one time of day he gets to explore and be a DOG. he doesn't bother anyone. he could care less about the other dogs, he just wants to carry his ball and maybe pee on a couple bushes.

he loves the water!kellen enjoyed the outdoors as always.
and the last stretch of the lake i am faced with the guilt of at least doing a few push ups and if i'm feeling extra good, a few MODIFIED pull ups.
this is one happy doggy.

another beautiful sunny day here on the central coast.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil 11/03/2007
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My favorite of all supplements. All cells need omega-3 oil to function properly. Warning- make sure the company you get it from has been independently tested for any heavy metal toxicity from the source of fish. My favorite brands are Carlsons & Nordic Naturals. Enjoy!

Monday, January 14

where to start?

the problem with writing for me has always been where to start. and today, the problem continues........
to start: 'among the wildflowers' names my blog (for those of you familiar with the tom petty tune) because a certain freedom resonates with me when i hear those lyrics. Maybe it was growing up in a small town where wildflowers bloomed during the first warm days of spring reminding me of the innocence of youth. Maybe wildflowers embrace new beginnings. or maybe it brings back the embarrassing, but true, memory of Fox network playing the tune on Party of Five when my serious crush, Griffin, had his last scene, driving off in a car never to return to the show. Either memory, Tom Petty's lyrics always induce an emotional response - a feat that not many songs can claim repeatedly. 'Among the wildflowers' makes me think of a sanctuary of contentment, a place we feel free. And in this crazy life, we all need a place to be free. this blog is my attempt to relate some the events and thoughts among my wildflowers. Enjoy my garden.

Today I realize that time has passed me by at an alarmingly fast r
ate since Kellen was born. i am seeing patients again and i can't remember what life was like before kellen. how easy it was to go to the office and do my job. but now, i can hear the faint sound of baby as i talk with patients about their health. They ask "how can you work when you hear your baby in the other room?" not out of irritation or concern, but more of the are you ready to be back here type of tone. And today i decided YES, i am ready. I feel inspired and energized when i am with patients. I can't imagine them in anyone else's hands. i have a lot to offer...i can tell when i answer their questions. Lights bulbs turn on, and they know they are in the right place at this moment. I know they are too. I'm glad i can share with them. I'm glad i have the opportunity to be with them. I share my time away from Kellen with courageous pregnant women, colicky newborns, impressive 5 year olds, women suffering with hormone changes, women suffering in general.....and i praise God that i can't imagine life any other way.

then i walk out of the treatment room and the sound of baby becomes ever so clear....around the corner i see

i think i can share my days with this guy. for today, we sat up on our own, cried, smiled and finally, our first blog. i'll save all the cool health stuff that keeps my brain buzzing for another day.
onwards & upwards