Wednesday, April 30

don't forget

the annual BIRTH & BABY FAIR is next weekend (may 10th) in mission plaza (san luis obispo). Lots of entertainment for the kids. One of the best parts is the silent auction including GREAT baby gear and equipment to bid on. All proceeds go to support the efforts of the resource center in providing services for pregnant women. For a list of all the items that will be auctioned off please visit the silent auction blog.

Remember to come visit the California Wellness Center booth and say hi. Maggie Ragatz will be doing massage and we will have some cute giveaways for all to have. Look forward to seeing you there.


i love my daddy because....

he reads me stories before i go to bed (coincidentally named 'i love my daddy because')

he lets me play with the toilet paper roll until the whole role (yes the WHOLE ROLL) is on the ground.

he lets mommy buy cute little clips on her trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend. (i think she deserves cute little clips)

we took a little impromptu trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend. So fun and relaxing. Just getting away from the house made me relax for some reason. Then i take a look around when i got back and wonder why it is so hard to relax when you are surrounded by this (more in bloom)

may you find a place to relax and enjoy all that the day brings you.

Wednesday, April 16

in bloom

I love the beautiful weather we are having. after a heavy bout of rain this winter, we are blessed with a flourishing garden this spring. take a look at what is in bloom at our home.

Our little peach tree is starting to make its fruit.

Apple blossoms....

We also have a pear, fig , persimmon and cherry tree that are starting to blossom. can't wait for the delicious fruit. Kellen loves to watch Dad mow the lawn.

Tuesday, April 1

a plug for chiropractic...

okay. okay. been a long time since any updates. we have been redesigning our website and coming up with new and exciting ideas for our blog. so many things so little time.

cool and exciting- WebMD recently posted an article regarding research on chiropractic adjustments helping to reduce high blood pressure. That is crazy you might say, but really, it does. We see it clinically often, but for it to actually be recognized by WEB MD gives me hope in that web site. why it happens? same reason you can reduce blood pressure with exercise. movement / motion and the stimulation of mechanical receptors activates areas of the nervous system that regulate blood pressure (in a very brief nutshell). Movement is as essential to our brain and cells as H2O and oxygen. Unfortunately this study is limited to its effects on blood pressure. I'm sure we'll see more functional areas studied in the future. But for now, we'll take the recognition. Read for yourself (HERE)

pictures next time.