Wednesday, April 16

in bloom

I love the beautiful weather we are having. after a heavy bout of rain this winter, we are blessed with a flourishing garden this spring. take a look at what is in bloom at our home.

Our little peach tree is starting to make its fruit.

Apple blossoms....

We also have a pear, fig , persimmon and cherry tree that are starting to blossom. can't wait for the delicious fruit. Kellen loves to watch Dad mow the lawn.


ritavac said...

Molls...your gardenis beautiful and I especially like that big blossom in the middle of your grass! How does he just keep getting cuter? We miss you.
Love, Rita/Grandma Riri/Mom

lindsey cheney said...

wow! it looks like you've got quite the green thumb!

Christy Stevens said...

geez, some serious sproutage! i'm totally jealous. :-)