Wednesday, April 30

i love my daddy because....

he reads me stories before i go to bed (coincidentally named 'i love my daddy because')

he lets me play with the toilet paper roll until the whole role (yes the WHOLE ROLL) is on the ground.

he lets mommy buy cute little clips on her trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend. (i think she deserves cute little clips)

we took a little impromptu trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend. So fun and relaxing. Just getting away from the house made me relax for some reason. Then i take a look around when i got back and wonder why it is so hard to relax when you are surrounded by this (more in bloom)

may you find a place to relax and enjoy all that the day brings you.


gordon said...

Look at Kellen, he is getting so BIG!
How much is benching? 10 reps of 225?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady...
in case I have forgotten to tell you. I LOVE your blog. I can just hear your voice reminding me of all the positives in life. Thanks so much for sharing. I don't know if you have gotten to see my pics from Nicaragua...but I would love to share some stories with you. It was a photo essay for a non-profit that wants to build a health clinic for women / families in a very poverty stricken area. I think you would love to be involved! Check out my blog for more details.
keep up the good work my friend!