Monday, February 11

to grandma riri and grandpa lar


listening to the news this weekend made us appreciate where we live. as the midwest and northeast get pummeled by snow and ice, we hit 78 degrees and clear blue skies. a nice stroll down the bob jones trail followed by a picnic at the beach....couldn't ask for a better Sunday.
kellen enjoyed swinging in the way-to-big swing. huge laughs and smiles. all the kids had fun playing in the sand (even though Luke would not put his left foot down).
check out the blue sky?



grandma riri said...

Your blog has made it to great grandpa dickerson and saratoga retirement community. thanks for making him smile today! and a woman who works there took the info on the site and said she will take him to the computer lab to look at it every week or so. thanks for arms that reach out and bring joy in many different places. love to all of you!

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

beautiful pictures! What a cute boy!