Sunday, February 3

anatomy of a remodel

organizing, unwinding cords, garbage runs, cleaning, lots of sweat and a little break to watch the superbowl. this was our weekend.

i keep telling myself everything will slow down once we finish this remodel. it feels so good to get rid of old 'stuff' and replace it with new 'stuff' doesn't it? we originally decided to rearrange our office because of an inconveniently placed wall in the front office. once the wall was gone we realized we needed to change our front desk to make it more patient and staff friendly. now we have found ourselves designing furniture, picking out counter tops, matching paint colors and updating our computer systems. what have we gotten ourselves into? oh, but it feels so good.

here is a preview of our new desk built by the incredibly talented craftsman, Terry Granvold.

you can see his arm working away with that nail gun in hand.
look what you could have if you came in for a visit.


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