Thursday, February 21


You know those things you buy that you really're sure you can find a place for it. But, when you get home it requires tools and special screws and anchors to use it. So it gets put in a drawer and gathers dust...until finally, you have time for it and it finds a home. Well, mine finally found their homes, at least for awhile.

'S' (for stevens for those of you asking why) towel holder
bought: 4 yrs ago in Charleston, SC

fun porcelain drawer knob
bought: 4 years ago; Ixtapa, Mexico (still have 5 more of the knobs looking for a home)

'bagno' sign (you italians should know what this means)
bought: 3 months ago; Santa Barbara, Ca

bought: 6 months ago; online

bought: 1 year ago; potterybarn

bought: 6 months ago; the NEST, San Luis Obispo, ca

bought: 5 years ago; Charleston, SC

olive leaf wreath
bought: 2 years ago; the RED BARN, Sonoma, Ca

holder of all electronic trinkets
gift from my sis- LOVE IT. Never wonder where my cell phone is anymore, and no more wires hanging out of every outlet. It is all nicely tucked in this box.

there you have it.


lindsey cheney said...

fun to have a sneak peak into your home! i love the candles from the nest, too. can't beat the price. good to see you today, if only for a moment.

Lisa Leonard said...

I didn't know you have a blog. So fun!! Love your photos. See you soon...