Friday, February 15

st valentine

life is different this year. different, but better. i notice the change most on days like valentines because it is not just rex and i. we can't just pick up and celebrate at a restaurant. so we celebrate in a new way. as a family. i hope kellen grows up feeling how much we love him, and more important, how much we love each other (AND how much i LOVE flowers).

thanks rex, i love you always.
my valentines bouquet. just beautiful!

i experimented with feeding kellen a little vege mixture to see what he would do. here is the result.



lindsey cheney said...

hey! i didn't know you were a blogger! can i add you to my blogroll?

Gombojav Tribe said...

Yummy veggies!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mols,
I thought of a way to label Kellen
food jars. Use magnet strips on the lids. That way you can just pull off.

Miss you all! Marmie