Thursday, May 15

feeling green

I just got my new order of gdiapers for kellen (larges by the way, because he now weighs in at a whopping 23lbs). Not only do they make his bum look so adorably cute, they are environmentally friendly and conveniently easy.

The environmentally friendliness of a cloth diaper with the convenience of a disposable. GENIUSES over there at gdiapers.

Colors we went with - Chocolate, vanilla bean, blue and orange.


Anonymous said...

FYI: Eventuate is not correct usage. It has dissuaded me from using your practice.

Ryan said...

You've been feeling green forever.

Anonymous said...

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Erin Butson said...

Thanks for the tip on the diapers! So cute.

Rosie said...

Your baby is so so gorgeous! Love the photo in your header, it's adorable :)