Thursday, May 15

feeling green

I just got my new order of gdiapers for kellen (larges by the way, because he now weighs in at a whopping 23lbs). Not only do they make his bum look so adorably cute, they are environmentally friendly and conveniently easy.

The environmentally friendliness of a cloth diaper with the convenience of a disposable. GENIUSES over there at gdiapers.

Colors we went with - Chocolate, vanilla bean, blue and orange.

Monday, May 12

"Just In" time....

ex and I just shared a magical day/evening at the beautiful Justin Vineyards, Winery and Inn. The occasion: our 6 year anniversary coupled with my first mothers day. We jumped on the opportunity to have our first night away when Grandma Riri offered to babysit. Then we hit the winding roads in our neighboring town surrounded by the products of spring; gorgeous vineyards, 6 foot high mustard, blooming wild flowers and huge oak trees. We first laid eyes on this beautiful winery when we were looking for a place to host our wedding. We have not been back since. Not sure why.

Our first order of business was a tour of the caves and barrel tasting.
The smell of the caves, the smell of the fermenting wine makes me feel happy . Reminds me of sonoma and napa valleys where i grew up. The whole valley would smell like that during harvest and, although not pleasant to most people, it feels like home to me.

We then checked into our room with a stunning view of the vineyards and garden. You have to see it to appreciate the beauty.the room came equipped with a HUGE whirlpool tub which is exactly what the doctor ordered. bubble bath too!

We then headed to the pool for some R & R. Caught up on my magazines cottage living and real simple while basking in the sun. Felt like i was in the middle of Tuscany or Provence.

Then we cleaned up and headed to Dinner in Deborah's Room (the restaurant at the Inn, not actually a woman Deborah who invited us over for dinner..haha). Dinner was unbelievable from start to finish. Melt in your mouth meal paired with delicious wine and three choices of butter from all over the world. still salivating.

The next morning we sat out on the balcony and sipped on a wonderful cup of coffee and enjoyed the vineyard operations going on around us. We walked around the miles of property that surround the Inn and inspired ourselves for the day to come.

I can't recommend this get-a-way enough for anyone who just needs to relax or a couple who needs to reconnect. Truly a great time and so close to our own home.

The time with my husband was so special to me. Thanks grandma riri for all your help.


Friday, May 9

a new kind of strength

Daily i am asked about home birth followed by the comment 'i don't think i could do it'.

I fell in love with a quote in a recent interview with Ani DiFranco in "Mothering Magazine" --"I'm really happy in the end that i felt every last bit of pain and was as present as i could be. Whenever you go through something terrifying and come out the other side, you grow and have more self-respect in terms of your own strengths. I wanted that more than i wanted whatever sort of numbing the hospital would have offered".--Beautifully stated! Couldn't agree more. Something important happened in my experience. Getting through one of the toughest challenges as a human being prepared me to be a stronger person for my child and appreciate my strengths. The pain connected me and made me search deep for strengths i probably never knew i had. On the other end, it's pretty cool to look back and say I DID IT on my own terms. It was like winning the most important athletic event you've ever participated in times 10.

Here is Kellen's first few minutes, hanging out in the warm water with Dad. Peaceful.

Looking back, i thank my parents for teaching my that i have all the tools i need for whatever comes along my path. I think women are superhero's that quietly make the world turn. So in response to those who doubt their capabilities- You have your own tools, use them. Have a birth you could only dream of.
That's my story and i'm sticking to it (anyone remember who said this all the time?)


Thursday, May 8

going local...

We decided to sign up for the Huasna Valley Farm CSA (community supported agriculture) this year and LOVE it. we pick up a cooler of fresh, organic, locally grown vege's and eggs every week with some inspiration on cooking ideas (couldn't we all use a little of that). This week- dill, parsley, broccoli, asparagus, so so sweet carrots, bok choy, garlic, butter leaf lettuce, spinach, and 2 dozen eggs. I truly can't believe how much better the food tastes, especially the eggs. I guess what we put in our soil is actually important.

Dinner included salmon with dill and stir fry with all the greens. Scrumptious.

I'm hoping rex and i can get our tomatoes in the ground soon. nothing like a garden fresh tomato in the summer- with a little avocado, basil and olive oil. can't wait.


Wednesday, April 30

don't forget

the annual BIRTH & BABY FAIR is next weekend (may 10th) in mission plaza (san luis obispo). Lots of entertainment for the kids. One of the best parts is the silent auction including GREAT baby gear and equipment to bid on. All proceeds go to support the efforts of the resource center in providing services for pregnant women. For a list of all the items that will be auctioned off please visit the silent auction blog.

Remember to come visit the California Wellness Center booth and say hi. Maggie Ragatz will be doing massage and we will have some cute giveaways for all to have. Look forward to seeing you there.


i love my daddy because....

he reads me stories before i go to bed (coincidentally named 'i love my daddy because')

he lets me play with the toilet paper roll until the whole role (yes the WHOLE ROLL) is on the ground.

he lets mommy buy cute little clips on her trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend. (i think she deserves cute little clips)

we took a little impromptu trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend. So fun and relaxing. Just getting away from the house made me relax for some reason. Then i take a look around when i got back and wonder why it is so hard to relax when you are surrounded by this (more in bloom)

may you find a place to relax and enjoy all that the day brings you.

Wednesday, April 16

in bloom

I love the beautiful weather we are having. after a heavy bout of rain this winter, we are blessed with a flourishing garden this spring. take a look at what is in bloom at our home.

Our little peach tree is starting to make its fruit.

Apple blossoms....

We also have a pear, fig , persimmon and cherry tree that are starting to blossom. can't wait for the delicious fruit. Kellen loves to watch Dad mow the lawn.